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About us

Hi there!

Interested in learning how to dance salsa?

You came to the right place!

We teach salsa classes in Brussels twice a week for all levels, ranging from complete beginners to advanced enthousiasts.


Which style?

We teach authentic New York style, or "on 2" style, that follows the rhythm of the conga. You will first learn to dance on the music before we start counting :)

Why us? 

Together we have more than 20 years of experience in teaching this dance, and we both not only have a great passion for salsa but also for teaching and making sure people have a good time.

We teach in a very social and relaxed way without losing an eye on good technique and a focus on the follower's role as well as the lead one. 

Hope to see you soon!

Joke & Oscar


group classes

So. You've decided to give it a try? Great!
We teach twice a week in series of 10 weeks 3 times a year. We teach mainly in English, but also speak Spanish, Dutch and French.
We have 4 different levels of classes: in the beginners we start from 0 and teach you the basic foundations of the dance. In the advanced beginners class you'll learn variations on those basic figures. In the intermediate 1 class we continue building on your repertoire with well known figures. During the intermediate 2 class we'll build on the gained knowledge with more complex figures as well as working with a higher tempo. For more advanced students we organize workshops on a regular basis to train your musicality, body movement, shines and more challenging partnerwork.

In the open footwork class or "shines" class you will learn steps and moves that you perform solo to add a little more spice to your dancing! We offer this class for free for all levels since they are so important to us; shines make you shine in your own unique way! So this is a weekly extra on top of your regular class.


@ GC De Maalbeek, Rue Géneral Leman 118, 1040 Etterbeek

7-8:15 pm beginners
8:15-8:45 pm open footwork
8:45-10 pm advanced beginners

Free initiation before start season - register here
Tuesday 29.03.22 at 7:15 - 8:15pm & at 8:45-9:45pm

Dates Tuesday classes spring 2022:
05.04, 19.04, 26.04, 03.05, 10.05, 17.05, 24.05, 14.06, 21.06, 28.06



@Maison de la solidarité, Salle Zap, Rue du viaduc 133a, 1050 Ixelles

4-5:15 pm beginners
5:15-6:30pm advanced beginners

6:30-7pm pm open footwork
7-8:15  pm intermediate 1
8:15-9:30 pm intermediate 2

Free initiation before start season - register here
Sunday 03.04.22 at 4 - 5pm & at 5:30 - 6:30pm

Dates Sunday classes spring 2022:
10.04, 24.04, 01.05, 08.05, 15.05, 22.05, 19.06, 26.06, 03.07, 10.07


Every class is 1h15 + 30' shines for free

You can take up to 6 classes a week

Classes run from 04.04.22 - 10.07.22

Card is only valid during those 10 weeks

You can make up for a lost class in another studio or day.

Standard Pricing

10 class card: 105€

20 class card: 170€

30 class card: 220€

40 class card: 255€ 

Bank account nr New York Salsa Belgium: BE82 0018 4719 7268 or pay cash or by phone payconiq app


workshop series

Workshops 2022

Styling and body movement workshops: 

Saturdays 09.04.22, 07.05.22 & 18.06.22 from 6 - 7:30 pm

@Pianofabriek St Gillis - Studio Dakar 
These are classes focussed on arm work (ladies styling - 30minutes) and body movement (open to men as well during 1hour). Contact us to register!



We organise "Salsa Clasica" parties on a regular basis, once every 6 weeks on a Tuesdaynight for our own students to be able to practice in a social setting but as well for everyone else looking for some fun! All welcome!
Upcoming dates
Due to renovations in GC De Maalbeek, our parties have been suspended for the time being.

book us

We organise initiations for teambuildings, demonstrations on street markets in summertime, workshops in schools, perform shows at company events, and create latin choreographies for weddings and other personal events.
Some events and clients of the past years:
Deloitte Waver, City Landen, European Commission, VUB, Electrolux, Eventbureau alternative, De Centrale Gent, Sablon Summer, Lydian Lawfirm.

Reviews from students

“There are plenty of good dancers but not all are good teachers...Oscar and Joke are both”

Elise Elise

“They both have an amazing understanding of the art and are always available to answer your concerns”

Ankush Diwan

“I fell in love with salsa because of Oscar and Joke. They are remarkable instructors blessed with patience and clarity. Their classes are inclusive, fun, and intellectual”

Fazlisya Ramly


want to


in touch ?

New York Salsa Belgium vzw

info@studionysalsa.be  |  Tel: 0495.40.84.25 (Joke)  |  Tel: 0495.40.84.25 (Oscar) 

Tuesday studio:

GC De Maalbeek, rue Général Leman 120, 1040 Etterbeek

Sunday studio:

Maison de la solidarite, Salle Zap, Rue du viaduc 133a, 1050 Ixelles

Bank account nr New York Salsa Belgium: BE82 0018 4719 7268 

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